I've been working as a motion designer since 2003 after graduating from Ravensbourne College London, one of the top design colleges in the UK.

From my career outset I wanted to get as much exposure to different industries where motion design held an integral role. From a small boutique design studio, to live broadcast news, the gaming industry, finance, advertising and now a brand agency I have a very high skill set shaped from my unique experience.

My skill set includes storyboarding, illustration, photography, UI design, 2D animation, 3D modelling, lighting, texturing and animation, green screen studio set ups, live action filming and directing, editing, grading and audio.

I thrive on precision, high quality and always meeting deadlines no matter what the budget. I've set up motion departments with staff, workflows, hardware, software, server arrays, 3D render farms and fibre networking, interested not only in design but the underlying workings of how to get it done in the best and most efficient way possible.

I focus on concept through to creation, working solo or as part of a larger team and deliver work which raises the profile of the company it was created for.

Now based in New Zealand I work for a high profile branding agency in central Auckland.
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