Design, direction, modelling: Michael Frogley
Modelling, animation: Shaun Madwick
This piece is one of 20 videos for a project to renovate and old Victorian villa in the heart of Ponsonby, Auckland. The project was part of a PR campaign to unite several companies on one project to create a modern, environmentally friendly house with modern insulation, air and water purification, paint and accessories. 
This video shows what HRV's core ventilation system does and why it benefits the home.
Exploded model showing the components being installed in the project
The real house used for the project remodelled in Cinema 4D
Branding development
House ideas
Veranda detailing
HRV's water filtration system
HRV's water filtration system - built to show filters inside
HRV's vortex bathroom extractor fan unit
HRV's ventilation system with summer kit and heat transfer system
HRV's heat transfer system
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